SAT.- APRIL 25th. 2020

Riverside Park at Betty’s Branch in Evans, GA    [GET DIRECTIONS]

CHECK IN:  Friday, April 24th 5:30 – 7pm  -or- Saturday, April 25th 8am-10am. (Shuttle available Sat. from Lot 2/3).  You can not choose your zone with Saturday check in.

PADDLE:  ZONE 1 -10:00, ZONE 2- 10:30, ZONE 3 – 11:00, FINAL ZONE 4 – 11:30  
Friday bring your boat/s and select your launch zone. On-site Security will be provided overnight. See FAQ Section for more information.  Name & Phone number must be present on boat – washable crayon works well.  Checking in & Renting?  Check in and go to provider location.

There are several stops along the six mile paddle route. Each checkpoint has a end time, if you do not make it to that checkpoint by that time you will simply miss out so make sure you don’t Dinker around on the Bender part!

*DAY OF & LATE REGISTRATION IS AVAILABLE.  We can not guarantee shirts or goody bags for late or day of registrations.  [RENTALS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE REGISTRATION]


PLEASE READ:  PFDs/ Life-vest are required for all participants. PFDs Must be worn by persons under 14 at all times.  A whistle is advised for each person in your vessel.  Coolers/Alcohol will not be allowed on the paddle route.  A container (mason jar) for refill of tea/water will be permitted per person along with additional bottled water.  A change of clothes and towel is also recommended.

Beer can be purchased by those 21 and over after the paddle.  A additional wrist band will given after you have been ID.  Photo ID will be required.

Participants are NOT allowed to get out of their boat.  The land is private property and Trespassing will be enforced.  Emergency primitive restroom stop will be available at one stop along the route.  No swimming.  For liability purposes, you must be finished with the paddle by 3:00 we will remove our safety/volunteers at this time.